Tax Consultancy

OUR TAX CONSULTANCY SERVICES We determine the needs of our customers correctly and produce tax optimization solutions by making tax planning in accordance with the current tax legislation the tax laws they are subject to.

Independent Audits

OUR INDEPENDENT AUDIT SERVICES Meeting investors’ expectations begins with providing complete and accurate information in a company’s financial statements. ESAS YMM meets its clients’ needs for an auditor for legal, regulatory or other reasons in the preparation of annual and periodic financial statements. With our experienced and expert staff, we offer independent and customized auditing services to clients of various sizes in different sectors.

Business Valuations

OUR BUSINESS VALUATION SERVICES Business valuations involve steps that are taken to determine how much your business is worth. Effective valuation will help executives and business stakeholders to negotiate a price when selling a business. These valuation procedures can also be utilized to handle resolutions of disputes related to different areas of litigation, taxation, assets, and purchases.

Mergers and Acquisitions

OUR M&A SERVICES We provide full-service M&A execution to a broad range of clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our advice is independent and without conflict. ESAS YMM helps its clients with improving business performance, developing strategies and enhancing the value of their business. Our M&A Services consist of both Sell-Side and Buy-Side Advisory.

Business Analysis

OUR BUSINESS ANALYSIS SERVICES We analyze the existing state of a business by using our powerful research and audit tools and shed light on company management issues with our impartial, scientific, simple, and yet powerful analyzes. As your business grows, so does your need to acquire more sophisticated, forward thinking approaches for making sound decisions. Decisions made without considering historical financial and operational data or future projections can lead to significant financial set-backs and reduced profits. ​ Our Business Analysis services arm you with the business intelligence necessary to formulate decisions that minimize internal costs and maximize the potential for bottom line growth by helping you identify the right products and services on which to focus. We can assist you in taking your business one step further by helping you understand what your data really means, what the operational outcome will be without adjusting your current processes and operations, and what your current options are for moving forward.

Consulting Services

OUR CONSULTING SERVICES Our Consulting Services are mainly in the fields of Corporate Governance and Strategic Management Consulting and covers the necessary consultancy services for companies to achieve their long-term goals and create a sustainable organizational structure.