Corporate Governance Services

Institutionalization is the formation of structures and processes that enable the business to run without depending on the personal methods of the managers in a company. Having a corporate governance approach is of great importance for the sustainability of companies' corporate assets and reputations. ​ ​ Corporate Governance Consultancy is the whole of the services we offer for the institutionalization of companies.

In this context, we provide comprehensive services to our customers under the following headings.​​

  • Structuring of top management

  • Establishment/improvement of internal control system

  • Creation of authority matrix / organization directive

  • Family Constitution and Succession Planning

  • Process Identification and Management

  • Enterprise Performance Management

  • Competency Based Individual Performance Management

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory services will help you keep up with the rapidly changing market conditions and will provide you with the necessary thought and technical service in all kinds of decision stages, big or small. It examines the steps your business has taken in the past and draws a future plan for you in the light of market gaps, volatility and risks.

  • Analysis of current situation

  • Eco-System Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Mission, Vision and Value/Principles

  • Strategy Creation

  • Strategic Purposes

  • Strategic Goals

  • Strategy Performance Indicators

  • Enterprise Performance Monitoring