Types of Business Valuation Services

  • Transaction Advisory: It provides model testing, DCF, and LBO design, coordination analysis for M&A research, calculation of the ideal debt and equity models, development of the pitch paper, memorandums of knowledge etc.​

  • Audit Support: Experts in the business valuation industry encourage the auditing of models, effective platforms pricing, fair value assessments, etc.​

  • Start-up Valuations: This allows uncertainty investors and emerging companies to manage stock control. We also help start-ups assess equities when collecting funds.​

  • Due Diligence Support: They can meet the criteria of all sorts of due diligence services: data acquisition, management of data rooms, due diligence, inquiry, and coordination with all concerned parties.​

  • Portfolio Valuations: It offers concentrated portfolio valuation guidelines along with complicated fixed-income assets, variants, side pockets, and investment funds.