M&A Sell-Side Advisory 

Our M&A sell-side advisory services are designed to provide our clients unbiased advice with respect to their business’s current value, ways to improve its value, evaluation of exit alternatives, and sourcing of potential buyers.​

We provide thoughtful representation to our clients at every stage of an M&A transaction. Our experience has taught us that successful deals result from a thoughtful, customized, and multi-faceted transaction process that maximizes value and financial consideration, while minimizing risk for the client.


Our sell-side M&A engagements typically involve:​

  • Defining M&A objectives and performing a valuation analysis;

  • Assisting in the preparation of a thorough, confidential memorandum which best presents the prospects and opportunities offered by the business to potential acquirers;

  • Identifying a comprehensive list of potential strategic and financial buyers, including potential cross-border M&A counterparties;

  • Overseeing management presentations and the due diligence process;

  • Working with the client’s attorneys and accountants to anticipate and manage potential issues that may arise during the transaction process;

  • Negotiation and structuring of a transaction to achieve the best possible price and terms; and

  • Providing whatever assistance is needed to achieve our client’s objectives.

Outline of a Typical Sales Process:​


  1. Sign an NDA and have a preliminary discovery call

  2. Preliminary valuation – prior to any engagement, we review the company’s operations and conduct a comprehensive preliminary valuation

  3. We normally meet in person to present a customized proposal to consider including proposed pricing

  4. Sign engagement letter


  1. Pre-market – during this stage we build out the financial models based on a detailed growth plan, prepare the marketing material, the buyers list, the data-room and conduct our own due diligence to identify items and potential solutions we believe may be issues raised by buyers

  2. In-market (details outlined below) – during this phase we have multiple discussions with potential buyers/investors/partners. Once initial offers are received, we work with you to narrow down the list of interested parties that need to get access to further information in order to prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI).

  3. Post-LOI – hopefully we are able narrow down candidates to one party, where we work with you and your legal/accounting team to finalize a deal and close a transaction.

M&A Buy-Side Advisory 

ESAS YMM will help you to understand the market, identify potential strategies, screen the potential targets, and advice you through the complex acquisition process. ESAS YMM represents strategic buyers, corporations, private equity firms and investors seeking to acquire middle market companies. On behalf of clients that have not yet identified an acquisition target, ESAS YMM will develop a comprehensive list of prospects comprised of companies that are actively available as well as “Not for Sale” companies that are acquired through strategic approaches by proactive buyers. We provide our clients a “360 degree view” of industry players to ensure their acquisition search is both comprehensive and efficient.​

Additionally, we provide valuation guidance based on industry multiples, quality of assets, pro forma EBITDA adjustments, earning and cash flow assessments. We also develop full operational metrics with key value driver analysis to assist in valuing and structuring the proposed transaction.e provide thoughtful representation to our clients at every stage of an M&A transaction.

Our buy-side M&A engagements typically involve:​

  • Developing an acquisition strategy and identifying potential candidates that would fit with the strategic goals of the buyer,

  • Providing initial contact with potential targets’ owners and/or top management and getting preliminary feedback with regards to their openness to a potential transaction,

  • Negotiating with the counterparties alongside our client or on behalf of our client,

  • Drafting and/or commenting on LOIs or MOUs,

  • Developing a valuation framework to support the bidding process,

  • Coordinating the due diligence process and appointment of buyside DD advisors during due diligence phase,

  • Contributing to binding contract negotiations on commercial matters. 

Outline of a Typical Buying Process:​

  1. Target identification and engagement​
  2. Preliminary due diligence, valuation, and indication of interest​
  3. Further due diligence and letter of intent​
  4. Final diligence, negotiations, drafting of the definitive purchase agreement, and completion of the transaction​​